Couch Hopping #1

This is my first post in the whole couch hopping/trying to find a home series. I have spent the last week or so on a couch. I have now leveled up to a bed. Seriously, couch hopping is like a terrible RPG game. If you don’t know what RPG is, look it up or go play pokemon. Once you have spent about 10 hours trying to level up a Magikarp because that’s how dedicated you are in getting a damn Gyarados, you’ll know the pain of an RPG game. If you have never played Pokemon, go dive into a pool of cement and once you have successfully dug yourself out of that whole of FAIL, go to the nearest game store and get one. Anyways, I have come to realize the importance of a bed and a bathroom and proper storage space. As much as I love being an inconvenience to people, sleeping on a couch and tiptoeing around people’s living situations isn’t really my thing. I don’t understand why people do this for fun. I heard couch surfing is a legit thing. This might be interesting to do in Europe but it’s not fun when you have school, sorority responsibilities and of course more school to take on. Having any time any day access into your home/bathroom is something to be cherished. Every time you walk into your house/apt/bathroom without having to text or call someone, sing a little song, dance a little dance, throw yourself a little party with cups made from coconut shells and hors d’oeuvres. If you also have room to store your things, you are also blessed, just repeat everything I previously said every time you hang your jacket or put away a book. 

I’m just waiting for one of those stupid movie montages to happen to me right now because I would love to find an apartment within the time it takes to complete a chorus of an upbeat song. Well I hope you enjoyed this segment of Couch Hopping. More to come. I suppose.


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