Couch Hopping #2

I finally have found a potential place to live. My couch hopping days will be over soon. Also living out of a car, I cannot find anything. Literally. I have a pile of crap in my car and I’m just like “Screw it, I’ll wear the same clothes for the next week.” I could not care any less. I also apparently lost all my shoes so I’ve been wearing my chacos…at least it’ll somehow keep my chaco tan alive, which is in fact the only evidence that I did go outside this summer so let’s keep that alive for a little while. I have also given up hope that my life will ever be normal. My life is literally a series of not just unfortunate but severely awkward events. Like whoever expects to be homeless at the beginning of their sophomore year? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I’m so done. Over it. However I would like to mention some good things, like how I have a wonderful support group of people and I’m still alive, I guess that’s one. I just want the stress to go away. I feel like I’m growing up too fast and it’s not a fun time. I take back every time I wished I was a grown up. God, you can take that one back. I’m good with being young forever, k thanks. I like to describe my life as tragically hilarious. Let’s talk for a second about how today I lost my phone in a parking garage and with the help of my friends discovered that it was on the opposite end of a street I never went on and then suddenly a strange man found it and graciously returned it to me. Of course, in going to meet this strange man who happened upon my phone, my friend and I were escorted by campus security because I am incapable of defending myself, the most I would do is throw myself on him and crush him with my weight. I would go boneless, he’d be weirded out and realize that this isn’t worth it and leave. That’s my plan if I ever get abducted, I would go boneless and make the person realize he or she picked the wrong person to abduct because one I’m strange, two I’m crazy and three my parents would probably not pay the ransom. #asianprobs. I know this isn’t twitter. I’m not stupid. I just like using hashtags. It makes me feel important. #dealwithit.


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