Back In Action: Watermelon style.

I’m only doing this because I refuse to write an essay on women in Ancient Greece. I put the cras in procrastination. It would be crass but you know what I mean. So for the past week, I’ve been quite MIA. I don’t leak any details but let’s say there was an jet plane, dancing gorillas and a churro involved. Maybe, you’ll never know. It’s a mystery. It keeps life interesting.

There is one thing I have learned about life in the past few days when I was doing whatever you think I was doing. I learned a whole lot about friendship. I didn’t learn who my real friends are but I did learn what friendship meant. I’m not going into any deep meaning shit over here. All I’m saying is that being a friend means you must put aside yourself sometimes. It’s about realizing that everyone’s world is a very dirty place and even it isn’t up to you to clean it up, it’s up to you as a friend to sit there in the mess and just be there. All we want as humans is for someone to be there. I feel like. I might be missing the point. Maybe all we want as humans is a talking giraffe or a Bugatti. I don’t know. But yeah. I guess I went a little deep and philosophical. Whatever. Deal with it. It’s my blog and I can do what I want to.

But yeah. The past few days I’ve learned lessons I never wanted to learn. I’ve also learned that I am allergic to watermelons. I think. My throat just gets weird and it’s just weird which is upsetting because I love watermelons. Sad times. Oh well.

 Also this salted caramel mocha is extremely salty…like really. Gross. 

OH ALSO I’m not homeless anymore. So my couch hopping blogs are over. Huzzah.


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