It’s a Monday.

I swear I’m going to cut someone…a nice piece of cake then I’m gonna stab them in the jaw.

Just kidding. Maybe. I totally am. Don’t worry, NSA. I have no intentions of killing anyone. Maybe.

I am so over this week already. I am so over this entire school year. I am over it all. I’m so over it that I’m a fucking astronaut. The past few weeks have allowed me to realize why I hate people so much. People just suck. 

I don’t look forward to things anymore. I just kind of stopped caring. I care as much as Stephanie Meyers cared about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th book of Twilight. In other words, not at all. If you’re a Twilight fan, seek help. It’s out there.

I just feel like ranting on and on about how life’s unfair and how much it sucks and how people suck and how much I hate the loading wheel on Netflix and how much I want to move away to Hawaii and become a professional surfer or just a beach bum. I won’t though. Because I don’t have that kind of attention span and the more I complain the more I realize how much I hate everything and then the anger will evolve into something and I will burst into millions of pieces and it’ll just be a mess and I’d hate for the janitors to have to clean that up. But really. ANGST ANGST ANGST.

Why would anyone ask me if I’m okay? Clearly no one is okay.


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