New York Living: Day 3 – You can never rain on my parade

Last full day in New York. WHAAAT.

So we started the day off right by rushing Chicago. The best musical in the entire world but that’s just me. I cannot get enough of it. It is literally so amazing in every way. We then journeyed to the 9/11 memorial which silenced me. Seeing the memorial gave me chills. I wasn’t in the wonderful country of America when it occurred, I was actually on the other end. I don’t remember it but being there, I felt completely overwhelmed. I also decided it was a good idea to watch the videos they were playing in the 9/11 memorial store and clearly I am a terrible judge of good ideas because I cried. It was so sad. I could not get the short essay, “Leap” by Brian Doyle out of my head. It echoed throughout the entire memorial trip.

On a brighter note, we went to this amazing crepe place. I LOVE CREPES. OH MY GOD (Chandler Bing style).

Then we went on a boat ride on the Hudson and saw the Statue of Liberty and a beautiful skyline of New York. Breathtaking, except I felt a little seasick. I’ve never felt seasick before in my life…but there’s always a first. Here are some artistic pictures I took, I know I know, I’m a modern photography genius, don’t mention it.

photo (2)

From the marvelous harbor, we went to Rockefeller and saw a bunch of things I’m not familiar with…like Radio City and 30 Rock. I mean I’ve heard of them but I don’t really know what they are and what they signify. It was apparently a big deal. A big deal was going into the huge Lego store! Like holy sweet mother of Moses, I love Legos and it was my entire childhood in a store with endless possibilities except for the fact that I have no money and that’s just a sad realization. We simply hung around that area until it was time for the best musical of all, CHICAGO. The movie is phenomenal but the broadway show…like OH DEAR SWEET MARY MOTHER OF JESUS OUR SAVIOR AND LORD, BEAUTIFUL. I was dying. I saw the London performance and was completely taken but the Broadway performance was so amazing. It was hilarious and of course the men in it were…MMMMMM yes please. I do not have the right words for this amazing, fantastic, fabulous, tremendous, breathtaking, speechless show. I AM SO TAKEN BY IT. Sorry. I just really love it. The music, the dancing, the acting, the men. All the yes.

We ended the night by putting me in a dark corner…I also bumped my head. I know you don’t care but it was the first time I’ve ever been tall enough to hit my head on something so it’s a win-lose situation for me. Anyway, I love New York but the cars are monsters and some people on Time Square really don’t like clothes. I don’t know how to feel about that. But really, this is a beautiful city and I hope to come back one day with better shoes and a whole lot more money.

And the person living across from this room, jamming out to Don’t Rain On My Parade, I applaud you. I really enjoyed your singing too. You are fabulous, sir.

It’s been real, New York. Wait for me, love.


also look for a new post on my poetry blog. yeah yeah, I don’t wanna hear it. Just go HERE and live with it.


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