New York Living: Day 4 – Terminal B

Today was my day to go back to the wonderful city of Nashville.

Only it took me much longer than I expected. We arrived at the airport just in time. It was perfect timing actually. Everything was going great, we got to the tiniest terminal I’ve ever seen and boarded and was ready to go. I was going to get home, do some homework, give up on said homework and play RollerCoaster Tycoon for the rest of the night.

But then tragedy struck. Something was wrong with the plane’s brakes which in my opinion should’ve been checked waaaaay before the plane even got to the gate but that’s just me and I’m not an expert on planes and their brakes. All I could think about was the Friends episode where Rachel gets on the plane to go to France and Phoebe tries to stop her by saying there’s something wrong with the phalanges on the plane and everyone else freaks out. It’s a great episode. Watch it. Now. GO.

Welcome back. Okay well we got delayed like two and a half hours so we spent two and a half hours in the tiniest terminal I’ve ever seen. Tiny. Teeny Weenie. Microscopic. Like really. 

Then we boarded our new plane which got stuck in a line of other planes. But then we took an unexpected turn and had to back to our gate because of a time conflict in Dallas. I was like “I’M JUST TRYING TO GET TO NASHVILLE.” It was a tragedy. I might’ve cursed a lot. I really need to work on that. But this was necessary. Then we started moving things along and there was much rejoicing. I wrote some poetry which you can check out HERE (Shameless plug). Got loopy from being so tired, had a mini dance party in my head because airplanes are so damn tiny, started talking to my luggage once I got to baggage claim, decided pants were irrelevant in every way but still kept them on and pretend like I was the Queen of England. Just another day in the mind of Jonny Lim. I can’t decide whether to say You’re Welcome or I’m Sorry. WHATEVSKIS.

So after about five hours, I’m back home in good ol’ Nashville, ignoring the fact that I have school tomorrow and pretending I have no responsibilities at all. God bless America. But yeah. Nothing really interesting. I just wanted to complain about how delayed everything was.

But New York was fabulous. It was such an amazing trip and I’d do it again any time. Now that I have a $100 voucher for Southwest, I might be able to. WOOHOO. As long as I don’t get stuck in Terminal B again, I’ll be fine.


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