Boats Out At Sea

It’s hard to imagine someone else having as hard of a time as you are. You know. You sit there and you’re like “no one has it worse than me, there’s no way.” We are so selfish to think that our pain is the worst and that no one will understand. That’s true we all have different issues,

But there’s something you got to know,

We are all sailors. We are just on different boats but we are all sailing on the same ocean. We sail through rough seas and through calm storms. We travel for miles and miles, sailing off into the horizon, believing that because you’re the only one on your boat, you think you’re the only one out at sea. When we see other ships in the distance, we are stunned, shocked we aren’t alone. We are never alone. We are all out at sea, casting our lines waiting for the fish to bite, for the storms to die out, for land. We sail together but separately. We cannot be blind to this. We have to realize that there are other sailors out there in storms, calm, rocky shores. We cannot not be open to invite someone on board once in a while. We can’t always be scared they might be pirates. Sometimes only one of you cannot take on the entire ocean. We have to do it together and realize it’s okay to take the risk of pirates and viking. 

So let’s sail together. 


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