It’s really cold

So the new Disney movie, Frozen hit the theaters a while ago but I didn’t see it until recently so this is me talking about it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, change that like now. Go ahead and buy yourself a ticket but maybe not the popcorn or drink because you’d have to tap into your future/current child’s college funds to pay that off. Maybe you can pop your own popcorn and sneak it in. Better yet, maybe you should start a popcorn business right in front of the movie theaters and make millions. You can sell them at a reasonable price and put the movie theater to shame. You can also have them in those fancy flavors you usually find at like fairs and shit. Then maybe you’ll get carried away and start forgetting why you even started this business because you have now become a money hungry tyrant so you lose everyone you love and you are soon left in ruins but suddenly you meet a wise old man who teaches you the meaning of life and popcorn and so you start up again but this time you stay humble and you win the heart of the love of your life and all your friends come back and you live a happy life.

Wait, what were we talking about again?

Oh right, FROZEN.

So it’s a movie about this red-headed princess and her magical sister who can make ice from her hands and the sister apparently starts the ice age and so the red head, a blonde guy, his reindeer and a snowman go to save the world. Oh also there’s something about marrying someone you’ve only known for like 2 seconds, which is the story of my college. Seriously, I know of freshmen getting married when they only met at welcome week. Like, NO. STOP. WHAT? WHY? Also everyone from my old high school is getting pregnant. WHAT THE HELL GUYS?! WE ALL NEED TO STOP THIS. Let’s just sit down and talk about this for a second. LET’S RETHINK OUR LIVES HERE. EVERYONE JUST STOP. I forgot what we were talking about again.


I really liked the idea of bringing snowmen to life. Like BAM alive snowmen. I would totally rise up an army and teach them how to synchronize dance and we would have the best flash mob ever! Just think about it. We’d totally make a dance to Ice Ice Baby. We’d go viral and we’d do tours and stuff but only during the winter because you know…awkward.

Anywaaaays, FROZEN

I just wanted to say that it’s a great movie. I related mostly to the reindeer than any of the human characters. I feel like that says something about my life but I can’t really put my finger on it. Like this is me.


Also Elsa is the most fabulous.


So yeah, um, go see that movie. I feel like I had a moral for this blog but I forgot about it. So have a great rest of your day and go see how fabulous Elsa is.



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