Battle Royale: The Original Hunger Games

Recently I watched a movie called “Battle Royale”. It was the original Hunger Games but in Japanese. A random class was selected and put on an island and was forced to kill each other. So yeah, the Hunger Games but in Japanese. I have a weird feeling that Suzanne Collins watched this movie because besides the back story of the characters, the concept of the “game” was the same. Each student was given a bag with supplies and some sort of weapon. They were either good or terrible like the difference between a machine gun or a pot lid. Every 12 or 6 o’clock, the guy announces the danger zones and the names of the ones that have died. Oh yeah, at the end, the girl and the boy survive. So that’s the spoiler. But another thing was made things more interesting is if there were more than one person standing at the end of the game, the collars that were put on them at the beginning would explode killing everyone. So if they didn’t do anything, they would’ve all died at the end. I mean at least in the Hunger Games, no one killed themselves and there HAD to be a winner. In this one, they were like “We don’t give a shit, there doesn’t have to be a winner.”

The part I like about this movie more than the Hunger Games is the fact that they were a classroom of kids. They were friends or enemies. That’s not the case of the Hunger Games. They all knew each other from before. Some of them killed their best friends. Some killed their lovers. Some committed suicide. Some turned on each other. Some enjoyed the killing. Some refused to kill. I think that made it a whole lot sadder. There was this one scene where a guy is looking for a girl that he likes and when he finds her, she kills him thinking that he was going to kill her. He reveals that he loves her and that he came to protect her except he never spoke to her before this. I didn’t really care about the main characters. They spent the entire movie being whiny and annoying without actually having a plan. They just ran around not understanding what the hell was happening. The main guy was an idiot. One of his friends gets axed in the head and he has the nerve to ask him if he’s okay. OF COURSE HE ISN’T OKAY, DO YOU NOT SEE THE AXE IN HIS HEAD? ARE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB? Overall the movie was overly gory and apparently getting shot about 10 times doesn’t completely kill someone. This guy got machine gunned down and he pops back up to answer a damn phone. Like WHAT? I think the emotional concept of the movie was what drew me in the most. What would you do if you were put on an island with some of your classmates and forced to kill each other? Would you do it? Would you kill some of your closest friends to survive? Would it be easy for you to kill the people that you don’t like? Would you really be able to kill these people that you spent years with in class? It would come down to survival or ethics. I know that if this concept were to happen to me, I would be one of the first ones to die because first, I’m terrible at running so I wouldn’t get very far, second, I’ve always been to weak to hurt anyone, like in martial arts class, I was dueling with one kid and I didn’t want to hit back so I just run around the arena, and lastly, I just don’t think I could kill anyone when it comes down to it especially not people I know, even people I don’t like. I’m pretty sure the only way I would win is because I found a hiding place and never left. I would seriously just sit in my hiding spot until the game was over. A movie about me would be really boring. But yeah, I just think it’s interesting to think about. What would you do? Who would you turn to? Who would you trust? Would you kill your friends to survive? The ethical answer would be “of course not, are you cray cray? I would never kill my friends.” But if you really thought about it, what would you really do? I think the real answer says something about all of us. If one person stood in your way of going back home, would you kill them even if they were a close friend? If you did win, would you be able to live with yourself? Would you be able to face your family? What about your friends’ families? What about them?

I guess it comes down to this question: “How important is it to be alive?”


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I also just found out that there is a Battle Royale 2. Well then…



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