Philosophical Fishermen

So today, a few friends and I were eating dinner and we got onto the subject of relationships and such. As a joke I said, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Now this is something everyone has heard. It’s a saying that tends to annoy a lot of people and I get why. I mean it’s all like “I know there’s plenty of fish in the sea, too bad I’m attracted to humans.” Then we got into a more deeper meaning of the saying. Imagine a fisherman. He goes out on his little boat and casts his fishing line and he sits there for hours waiting. He sits there patiently, drinking his beer, enjoying nature and the brisk air. He sits there and enjoys the wait because that’s fishing. Waiting. I like that metaphor the more I think about it. You cannot force love. You cannot force a fish to take the bait. You must wait, sit there and wait. You have to wait for love. You wait for the right person. You don’t rush into things. If you jump into the water and try to catch the fish hastily, all the fish will swim away. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you can always go fishing but you don’t just catch fish and sometimes at the end of the day, you might leave without even seeing one swim near you. Think about the fisherman, after waiting for so long, he finally gets a fish, imagine his happiness. He would be delighted. He fights hard to keep the fish on the line and finally he takes it out of the water and it’s success. It’s about enjoying the wait, the chase. You do your part and they will do theirs. People fish for fun. It’s a sport even. So as you wait for the person who will come into your life and make you as happy as the fish made the fisherman, remember to enjoy it. Don’t get upset, don’t get angry. Just enjoy the silence, the world around you, look up at the sky and the water around you. The vastness of it all, the beauty of it all. Don’t rush into love, don’t rush ever. You will literally get nothing from rushing. It’s always happens to me that when I rush, I always forget something and I feel like an idiot after. Like I was super late for a class and I panicked and rushed and then got to class and completely forgot my homework…I sat there like an idiot because the reason I rushed was because I was finishing up the assignment for that class. That’s just me being lazy but you get the idea. Don’t jump into a relationship without understanding the beauty of the what you have. Take your time, be patient. Eventually, the person you’ve been waiting for will come and there will be much rejoicing. Eventually, you’ll stop fishing because you don’t need to fish anymore. Learn to enjoy the person, get to know the person, fall in love with them. Don’t assume you’re in love with them. Don’t assume you know that person. A relationship is about growing and learning together. You have to play your part for them to play theirs. I’m not saying to sit at home and wait on your couch for the perfect person to come charging through your door. No one is going to come in like a wrecking ball. Your name isn’t Miley Cyrus, get it together. Unless you are Miley Cyrus then wow, thanks for reading this, also what is up with your outfit choices? Let’s talk, have coffee or something. Anyways, a fisherman doesn’t catch fish by staying home. He goes out and gathers the bait, gets the best fishing pole to get the best result, get out on the boat and goes to the fish and he waits. You go out into the world and do your thing. Don’t pretend you’re in love if you’re not. When you fall in love, you know. It’s not only wanting them but wanting their happiness. It’s where you would gladly put them first before any of your needs. It’s being able to open yourself up and risk the chances of getting hurt because they are worth that to you. It’s about sailing out to the middle of the ocean and casting a line and not knowing what the hell is out there and what is going to happen but trusting that it’s all going to be worth it. Be a fisherman. A traditional one, not a commercial one. Find love patiently. Actually if you remain patiently, love will find you. Fishing is a strange metaphor for love. Love is a strange thing. I don’t fully know what love is and I’ve never actually been in love but I think love is something different to every individual but overall love is the most important thing in life. If you have someone you love or someone who loves you, you are set, you are good to go and I don’t mean someone in a romantic sense either. If you love someone or know someone who loves you, you literally have one of the most powerful and beautiful things right there. And yes, this all came up at a random dinner with my friends. My friends and I get really deep and philosophical sometimes. I’m glad I have friends that will let me drone on and on about fishing and love. Also I hope you all understanding that I’m using fishing as a metaphor. I don’t actually mean go out and start throwing fishing lines into a crowd of people. Don’t be that person. Don’t be like “Oh well you told me that I should fish for people and blah blah blah.” I’ll kick you and teach you the meaning of a freaking metaphor. Being a smart ass will get you nowhere here. It’ll only make me want to lock you in a room where they play nothing but KidzBop versions of songs. 




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