The SEALS of Spartan 01

So I went to see the movie, Lone Survivor. I was never a fan of war movies because they always have me curled up in the fetal position, bawling my eyes out. This one was no different. Lone Survivor has got to be one of the best war movies I have ever seen, one of my top movies right now actually. It is a story of four soldiers on a mission but their mission gets compromised and they can’t contact base. They make the decision to let the prisoners go, which sets of the chain reaction of them telling the Taliban and the fight between four American soldiers and an army of Taliban go at it. There were several things about this movie that really got to me that no other war movie ever has. I don’t want to spoil anything because I seriously recommend everyone to go watch this, like seriously. Go now. Stop reading and just go. Leave. WHAT’RE YOU STILL DOING HERE? GO. I mean it’s Marky Mark. COME ON.

This movie especially hit me hard because of the fact that it addressed the fact that not all Afghans were terrorists. The main character was saved and protected by Pashtun Afghan who actually hated the Taliban. It was also in their culture to protect one from being attacked. An entire village risked their lives to protect one man, let alone a foreigner. This is a really important thing to understand. Just because they are Middle Eastern does not make them terrorists. It’s like saying that all Christians are like the Westboro Baptist Church people. If you really want to get into history, the first terrorist ever was a caucasian male. So there’s that for you. Just because they are a certain race does not mean you have the right to throw stereotypes and labels on them. Just because they are of a certain religion does not mean you need to assume things about them. Not all Christians believe in the same way. We all believe in the same God but we worship differently. There are different denominations even that believe in different things. What makes Muslims so different? If you don’t know or have knowledge about Islam and the Middle East, you should really keep your mouth shut. I’ve lived in the Middle East for 13 years of my life and within those 13 years, I can safely tell you that I didn’t encounter one terrorist. Every Middle Eastern I have met have been nothing but kind and caring people. Islam is really one of the most beautiful and dedicated religions there is. These people wake up at the butt crack of dawn to pray. When was the last time you woke up almost every day as the sun comes up and said a prayer? They are so welcoming and they never condemned me for my faith. They understood that I was of different faith and they asked me about from time to time but they never told me I was going to Hell or that Allah was going to smite me. They were respectful and genuine. The news makes it a point to make every single race group seem like terrible people. I am just so annoyed and irritated about people that refuse to think for themselves and question their beliefs from time to time. Asking questions isn’t against the law. We are not in Ancient Greece. Socrates was put on trial and executed because he made people think, he made people realize that some of the things they’ve been believing might not actually be right. Think for yourself. Go out and find the world on your own. Step out of your tiny little box of crap and explore. The world really isn’t a sucky ass place if you really look. There are good and bad people in the world. They do not fall under a category of religion, race, gender or sexuality. There are just good and bad people. There are good Christians and bad Christians. There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. There are good asians and bad asians. There are good gay people and bad gay people. Just because you identify yourself as a certain religion, race, gender or sexuality does not immediately turn you into the box that Media puts them in. You are your own person. Seriously. The world is a really big place, if you haven’t noticed. You shouldn’t fill your life with hatred of things you don’t understand. You should be open to learning. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to accept it into your life, it just means go out and educate yourself before you start bashing people. I went on quite a tangent there but seriously Lone Survivor does an amazing job of giving people something to think about, not just on war but on assumptions. 

The camera work and effects in this movie is absolutely breathtaking too. It’s really beautiful. 

I also want to take some time and acknowledge the soldiers who are fighting for our freedom and our safety. I think it is the most noble thing to be willing sacrifice yourself for something you love. I do not support war at all. I hate war. I don’t care if it’s necessary or unavoidable. I will forever hate war. I do not care for politics or government. I do not agree with any side of the government. All I care about and support is our troops and finding ways to bring them back home safely. 

This movie also made me realize how small my problems are. There are people out there fighting and dying for us and there are families and friends who are holding their breath and praying that they won’t ever get a visit or a call that says someone they loved has died in battle. There are bigger problems and that the little petty things aren’t important. How am I going to complain about the fact that I might have failed a test when there is someone out there risking their lives and getting shot at? So what if that guy you really liked doesn’t call you or if the one girl is being a total bitch to you or if you hear someone talking shit about you? Is that really important to you? Is that something that you need to stress out on? REEEEALLY? Get it together. Stop dwelling on things that aren’t a big deal. Realize how lucky you are and how grateful you should be. Just call him again or just move on. Stop talking to the girl, just walk out of her life and she’ll walk out of yours. Stop listening to bullshit and realize that you are a great person and the only thing that needs to criticized is the character of the person talking shit. Also look at it this way, someone doesn’t like you, you’re clearly doing something right and someone is clearly a jealous hoe. RIGHT? Just build a bridge and get the hell over it. Don’t waste your time and energy on shit that won’t matter in like a year. Realize people are dying for you out there and you going to sit here and cry because you got a C on a paper. GET OUT OF HERE. GO. DON’T LOOK AT ME. I’M DONE WITH YOU.

But really, go watch Lone Survivor and make sure you bring a lot of tissues because the sleeves of my hoodie are soaking wet…




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