Sorry, We Only Serve Gays: “Turn The Assholes Away”

This isn’t going to be pretty.

I’ve been reading all these bills trying to legalize LGBT discrimination. One of them coming from my lovely home state of Tennessee. ARE WE GOING BACK IN HISTORY? IS THIS 1800s?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Have we learned nothing from history? Are we really that stupid? Since we are repeating history, why don’t we just bring back the freaking Holocaust? No? OH WELL PROBABLY BECAUSE THAT’S A TERRIBLE MISTAKE, YOU DUMBASSES. I’m so done. This is absolutely ridiculous.

“Turn the Gays away”? ARE YOU JOKING? State Senator Kelsey is calling it the Religious Freedom Act, saying that it gives people the freedom to act out their religious beliefs as in denying service to gay people because their religion tells them to. So does that mean I can go stone people who had sex before marriage to death? BECAUSE THAT’S IN THE BIBLE AND THAT’S MY RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, RIGHT SENATOR?! That’s a whole lot of crap. Stop sugarcoating your shit because no matter how much sugar you put on it, it’s still shit. Do not use religion to feed your ignorant bigotry.

Also how someone else marrying someone else affect you in anway? So if two men get married, will your house cave in and your dog will die? NO. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Does anyone remember when interracial marriage was illegal and everyone realized it was the dumbest thing ever? Just because it makes you uncomfortable does not give you the right to take their rights away. Let them love who they want to love and leave them alone. Also Kansas, REALLY? I really don’t have the time for this kind of stupidity.

Am I the only one that remembers the whole Civil Rights movement or did I just make that shit up? Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a fictional character I made up in my head? DID THE CIVIL WAR NOT HAPPEN?

People are killing themselves because of shit like this, because they believe they are worthless and less than human. Because of this type of bigotry and ignorance, mothers and fathers are losing sons and daughters. How do people justify this to themselves? God doesn’t want people to kill themselves. Obviously that’s not what God created us to do. YOU AREN’T DOING GOD’S WORK. Get your heads out of your asses. I’m pretty sure in the Bible it said to love everyone or was I reading a different book? Nowhere in the Bible did God preach hatred. Stop demonizing my God. Stop filling my God with your hate. STOP PUTTING WORDS IN HIS MOUTH. He’s seriously up in Heaven all “I DID NOT SAY THAT SHIT. You trippin’! You cray.” My God loves everyone and he even loves all the small minded people that I cannot find the energy to love. What a great God he is. The fact that he still loves Senator Kelsey and other LGBT hating people shows me how amazing his love truly is. Homosexuality isn’t a choice but homophobia is. Remember that. No one chooses to be discriminating against. No one chooses to get kicked out of their families and hated by an entire religious sect of people. No one chooses to be hated. You’re an idiot if you think people choose that. It’s like saying that I chose to be born Asian. Um, no. Life isn’t a game of Sims. Shit if it was, I was really drunk when I made mine.

Senator Kelsey, you are an idiot and I don’t know if this is some weird ass publicity stunt but I am not going to buy your next album. Also let us remember the great “separation of church and state” thing that’s going on in our country. Once you take away people’s pathetic religious excuses, you have nothing but pure hate. You aren’t doing it for God, you are doing it for your own comfort. Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus didn’t see them as prostitutes or tax collectors, he saw them as his children.

I’m going to be a politician and pass a bill called the “Turn The Assholes Away” bill and Senator Kelsey, you are going to be right on top along with all the assholes that support your LGBT discrimination. Doesn’t have that rhyming ring to it but you get it.

Don’t worry, God forgives you for your ignorance and hatred. I however hate you and hope you never get to see 1 on flappy bird.




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