Unifying Korea: Inventor of the hamburger’s son might face trial

In recent worldly news, the UN has decided to acknowledge North Korea’s atrocious acts against human rights. Well, it’s about time. It’s just kind of something that everyone knew about but didn’t want to say anything. A lot of the things that were reported has been said that it is close to what happened during the Nazi era. What happened to that never happening again? We all know something is so terrible off with North Korea but because China is backing them, it’s completely okay to ignore systematic slaughter of people? This just hits a lot closer to home for me. I’m korean and I was blessed enough to be born in South Korea. I’ve met North Korean refugees and it breaks my heart every time I hear stories of what is happening over there. North Korea and South Korea are seen as two different countries but I don’t. I just want one Korea. My grandfather was originally from the north part of Korea when Korea was one Korea. He was one of the last people to get south before the country split. I sometimes wonder if I have family still stuck in North Korea. People in North Korea are completely cut off from the world. There is no access to the internet or anything remotely informative. Kim Jong Il claimed that he invented the hamburger. WHAT. We all know that this is ridiculous but North Koreans have no idea otherwise. They have no other sources of information to prove otherwise. 


The UN can send Kim Jong Un and others to trial but nothing might change if China doesn’t go along with it, which they most likely won’t because it doesn’t benefit them in anyway. I mean once oppressed Chinese people see North Koreans getting justice, they might want some too and China won’t stand for a revolt. China is basically standing behind North Korea saying they don’t want to politicalize a particular country’s human rights issues. If China vetoes, the step forward we are taking to find justice for North Koreans is lost. I’m, however, glad that this is becoming more public. I mean specifically picked representatives of the UN has to deal with 11 months of testimonies from North Korean refugees. More than 320 witnesses testified and this resulted in a 400-page report of all the atrocious acts committed that include murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions, sexual violence and the list goes on. I mean apparently one of the testimonies is that a woman gave birth, despite her weak and frail state. The baby would not stop crying and the guards got angry and beat her saying that she needed to make the baby stop crying. When the baby still wouldn’t stop crying, the guards made HER, the mother, kill her baby by drowning. How in the name of Christ are we supposed to sit around while crap like this goes on? I know I can’t do anything to change this. I know that I don’t have the power or the knowledge to do anything remotely different. It’s all politics. It’s all unfair. I feel absolutely powerless and it kills me that this is happening. It’s such a shame that terrible acts against human rights occur everywhere in the world, we can’t stay silent. We can’t ignore this. I know that nothing might happen but at least it’s made official that Kim Jong Un sucks, more and more people will speak out and then maybe one day, we can find justice for North Korea. Maybe sometime in the future, Korea might be one country again. 

I love my country. My home country. I can’t stand that I can’t do anything. I really do hope that they will see justice one day and that they will be able to waste countless hours on Netflix while looking at cute cat pictures. I also hope in the meantime, we can understand how lucky we are to have access to all these different types of media. Our county might not be the best but we are far more privileged than others. I’m glad to be living in a country where I can speak my mind and fight for the things I believe in without the fear of prosecution. Also South Korea is such a beautiful country and I am so happy to come from such a beautiful and culturally rich country. I hope to one day be able to fight efficiently for my people and human rights. I want to fight for one Korea.






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