Lego before Orlando

So I watched the Lego Movie and I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a movie but I have. I’ll be sending out the “Save the Date” for everyone and it’ll be a grand wedding, complete with Queen Latifah singing “Everything is Awesome” with a church choir as I walk down the aisle. Perfect. I am weird.

But seriously if you want a good laugh and to have your mind blown, this is the movie for you. Throughout the movie, my friend and I were amazed by what it must’ve taken to make this film. It was probably like “Okay guys, we have been working for two months and now we have the first five seconds of the movie complete! Go us!” It’s literally insane at what it probably took to make all that work. Insane dedication and patience, two things I do not have. Go me.


Legos are a huge part of my childhood, stepping on them is another part of my childhood that caused to me have trust issues. Why do the things you love always hurt you? I played with more legos than I ever did with dolls. I actually hated dolls, they freaked me out. Speaking of childhood, Pokemon is now going to be on Netflix and my heart exploded with happiness. I always wanted to be a Pokemon master but my mom told me pokemons don’t actually exist so I called her a liar and left the house at the age of 10 in pursuit of the dream. Just kidding. I got to the end of my driveway and forgot what I was doing. But I still believe that I’m going to be a Pokemon master. When (and notice I said when) I become rich, I’m going to invest all of that money in making pokemons are real thing. So now this is the part where you give me all your money. I joke I joke. But really. What?

Since the theme of this post is legos, here are the three starter pokemons final evolution in lego form.


(PS: I’m going to make these…like now)

I also recently reread The Great Gatsby for class and I was happy to do it. I always forget how uncomfortable Gatsby makes me. Yeah I get that he’s “great” but seriously, he is so blinded by his obsession that he does the stupidest things. “No Jonny, he’s just a romantic. He’s so in love with Daisy. I wish someone loved me like that.” Well good for you but I’d much rather not prefer a guy to have a library filled with documents and newspaper clippings of where I’ve been and then have him follow me and buy a house right across from me and watch my house every night. If Gatsby wasn’t attractive and if we didn’t vision Leonardo DiCaprio’s flawless face as Gatsby, you would probably be really creeped out. What if it was this guy?


Would you still find him romantic and swoon? I don’t hear you swooning. Yeah. I’m just saying. Gatsby is all kinds of crazy. He might have the best intentions and Daisy might be a complete bitch but still…He lies about who is he and completely abandons his true identity for a girl, a girl who wouldn’t have loved him if he was rich, a girl who wouldn’t marry poor. I love how at the end of the book, SPOILER, it’s only Nick and Gatsby’s real dad that show up to his funeral. So much for “true love”. Daisy wasn’t the happily ever after that Gatsby thought she was but since she’s all that he had to live for, he couldn’t let her go. He built everything up for her basically but she denied him so what was all that work for? You can’t live for other people. You have to live for yourself. This is why Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors. He knows exactly how to project his own reality and problems into a story and make it absolutely beautiful. I think when an author connects so deeply with his characters, the book becomes so real and so passionate. Everything that Fitzgerald writes is like that. Parts of him are so deeply embedded in the words and characters that you can’t help but to experience his life while experiencing the story. God, I love Fitzgerald.

Nothing interesting has happened to me since I last posted. A few meltdowns, heart breaks, deeply questioning the meaning of life, a whole lot of setbacks and difficulties and a lot of Oreo eating. Nothing new. It’s an endless cycle of “okay well that’s fine” every week but I can’t help but enjoy the things I have, the people I know and the troubles that follow. Life really is a mess but I guess that’s where all the great stories lie. I hope that more interesting things will happen as I venture to the sunny city of Orlando for spring break this upcoming week.

Also I found this.





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