Harry Potter and The Spring Break of 2014

My spring break adventures have come to an end and I am the saddest. Can we just skip to summer? I’m getting so ridiculously tired of this whole “school” thing. Over it. 

Well let’s start this off with a good picture of some Monks riding a roller coaster. 



Anyways, I wanted to talk about a few things that I did over break. I went to Orlando for Universal (mainly Harry Potter world) with three of my sorority sisters. Now I am a huge Disney theme park fan. My heart will always go on for Disney but Universal gets a whole lot of cool points too. Of course my life would not be complete without some complications. Our first flight out got canceled. The second flight got delayed twice and then not by 10 mins. To top my wonderful traveling tales off, we almost missed the flight. I always have so much trouble with the getting to places part, once I’m there, everything’s great but for some reason, the act of traveling itself hates me. 

Once I finally got to Florida, the three days of Universal commenced. Started off at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ended there also. The first day, we were welcomed to Florida with free food. Free breakfast at the Three Broomsticks and then NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY, THE BEST DAY OF EVER. The second day, we went to the actual Universal part of the theme park and it was a good time AFTER I was allowed into the park. Okay so theme parks have this whole fingerprint scanning thing and apparently I didn’t have the same fingerprint the second day as I did the first. So I was trapped outside of the park for a bit while my friends pointed and laughed. Casual. Of course this would happen to me. Lady Luck hates me. I’m not fond of you either, you harlot! Anyway, one of my friends on the trip turned 21 and so that was an interesting day for her to say the least. I found my favorite ride, THE MUMMY. OMG. It’s like Space Mountain but better. I know. “BETTER THAN SPACE MOUNTAIN?! BLASPHEMY. TO THE DUNGEON WITH YOU.” Calm yourselves. Space Mountain is great and all but it’s no Mummy. PHENOMENAL. As I walked around the park, I realized that I haven’t seen these movies in forever. I mean I cannot remember the last time I watched Men in Black, let alone Men in Black 2. Also E.T., I’m pretty sure I was still in single digits the last time I watched that. Now I want to watch all the movies so I can connect them to the rides that I rode. That night, my 21 year old friend went out and celebrated with her dad while the three, underaged kids, partied hard with nojitos and henna tattoos. We also got a pretty cool balloon hat from a pirate on stilts.

Here’s a quick pic


Yay for Margaritaville. 

Day three was filled with rain but rain at theme parks mean no lines. So we rode every ride like twice and the trick to having a good time is to scream on every single ride like the Cat in the Hat ride. The Things are super creepy in the ride. Day three was also souvenir day aka my bank account hates me day. Whatever, I got my own wand and that’s all that matters. 

Here’s a picture of me riding a roller coaster having the time of my life.



I have no idea who that girl is next to me but I am just enjoying life with my camo hat and striped shirt. #bowdownbitches

Additionally because I know you all are dying for visual simulation, I picstitched pictures each day so you get a nice summary. You’re welcome. 




I loved Spring break. I loved getting away and forgetting whatever I left behind here. I made some cool memories and got a sweet henna tat which I’m getting ready to get lectured about from my parents. “It’s not permanent, mom.” “I DON’T CARE. IT’S OF THE DEVIL. I NEED TO BATHE YOU IN HOLY WATER.” Til then, I’m going to go back to binge watching Pokemon and not thinking about the weight I gained over these few days.


PS: I’m a hufflepuff.


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