Gas Station Drama

Yesterday I experienced the ratchetness of human kind.

On my way home from work, I stopped at a gas station to get a coke and as I was getting out of the car, the car next to me rolled their windows down and this ratchet ass hoe has the damn nerve to yell “ew” at me. I had no idea how to react to that because I wasn’t aware that I was back in elementary school. Like excuse me? You don’t know me and you have no right to judge me. I know I’m not pretty but you sure as hell ain’t cute either. You think you’re all big and tough because you’re in a car, yelling shit to random people at gas stations? The hell is wrong with you? Who hurt you in the past that you’ve become such a terrible human being?

I’ve always been super insecure about my looks. I’ll admit it. I do care about what people think of me sometimes. I know I’m not society’s idea of beautiful and this has been weighing on in the past week or so. I did not need some troll looking bitch to confirm my insecurities. This is the reason why I don’t like to leave my apartment. I have to deal with morons who don’t know how to be a decent human being. Who raised you? A donkey? Like holy christ, grow up. Yeah it got to me. I can’t sit here and be all “Oh it didn’t bother me one bit. I’m completely fine.” No I’m not fine. I’m pissed and upset. Who the hell do you think you are? And before you start judging people’s looks and yelling immature crap like that, make sure you don’t look like you just got run over by a damn truck, you Patrick Star looking ass hoe. What did you accomplish from that? Do you feel better now? Did insulting a random stranger for no reason make you feel better about your infinitesimal life? Like seriously. The damn nerve of some people. Get out. I’ll cut you.



I know I shouldn’t let stupid bitches get to me. I know that I shouldn’t let what others think of me affect me but it’s hard at times. I mean I have all the insecurities and I’m trying to be better about it. I am slowly accepting who I am and it’s a very rigorous process. I wasn’t made perfect. I don’t have the looks, the body or even sometimes the personality. I’m working on it. Sometimes the way I feel about myself isn’t healthy and I have to catch myself and stop myself. I just wish that some people would be a little considerate of others and their feelings. It would be a nice world to live in if that happened. If we all treated others like we wanted to be treated, no random bitch would be yelling “ew” at you at random gas station. I mean if you wanted to be treated like nothing, you should’ve just told me. Like I literally don’t know what can possess a person to do something like that? Do you really have no decency? You have no idea what this person is going through or what kind of emotional state they are in and you just yell “ew” at them thinking you’re high and mighty? What is that person was suicidal? What if you were the last straw and that person committed suicide because you were just being an asshole for no reason? How would you live with yourself knowing that your stupidity ended a life? Do you feel good about yourself? What kind of monster are you? How would you feel if I yelled that at you? I don’t know what you’re going through but you DO NOT have to take it out on me. I DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU. Seriously these types of people disgust me. Inconsiderate self-centered assholes. I’m not just saying that because she hurt me but because a person like this actually exists. I hope no one gets to experience this kind of hatefulness. I really do hope I’m the only person she does this to because it sucks. 

But even if this was a reminder of how much people suck, this was also a reminder of how wonderful all my friends are. Their kind words and caring hearts just made everything better. I was really down in the dumps but my friends made me realize that this bitch’s opinion does not matter and that I am better than that. I have people who care about me and love me for me. They make life worth living and it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by such amazing people. 

I really do hope that none of you reading this do anything like this. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s mean, hurtful and rude. You don’t know what anyone’s going through. Be kind to other people. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle and your “attempt” at being funny isn’t helping. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Care a little about the world around you. Seriously. Be a good person. Choose to be a good person. Don’t choose to yell at random strangers about how ugly you think they are. Everyone is beautiful. Don’t define beauty with what magazines and TV tells you. You are beautiful. If you have ever gone through this kind of ordeal, I want you to know that you are beautiful. You are. Trust me. You are the most stunning, flawless, overwhelmingly fabulous person and someone is falling in love with you as you read this. Someone is going to see you and make you their center of their world and truly believe in their hearts that you are literally the most beautiful person in the world and nothing else compares. Not just someone but a whole lot of people actually. So many people are falling for you and it’s ridiculous. So what if you don’t look like Scarlett Johannson? Or Ryan Gosling? Or Beyonce? You look like you and that’s the most unique beauty ever. It’s stunning.

Some parts of tonight’s event weighs a little heavy on my heart but I know that I have amazing friends and some asshole’s opinions should not matter to me. I just hate that this happened at the most untimely moment. However, despite this craptastic event, I am glad I was reminded of the amazing people in my life. I am thankful for these wonderful people being in my life reminding me to not let these things get to me and making my night better with their loving comments.




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