Late Night Rants: Why You Should Be Paranoid

Okay, I am going to start this post by saying that this is rant. 

I just discovered a song called Paranoid by Ty Dolla $ign. This song depicts a situation where the guy has two girls and they end up in the same club and he’s paranoid that they are setting him up and trying to screw him over. 

Okay first, you are an ass. You are the one sleeping with two women and you are going to call them bitches? No sir, you are an ass and just a terrible human being. 

Second, so you wouldn’t make any of them your “mrs” but that doesn’t no mean you have to disrespect them like that. Again, you are a terrible human being.

Third, YOUR NAME IS TY DOLLA $IGN. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. WHO ARE YOU? It’s technically, TY Dolla Dollar Sign Ign. Stop this.

“This is just a song, Jonny.” “Stop crapping your pants, Jonny.” “You’re just jealous because he makes more money than you, Jonny.”

I get that it’s “just a song” but that does not give anyone the right to belittle someone. I don’t care if it’s Jesus singing it, I cannot stand this kind of ignorance and stupidity. 

I know I can’t do anything about it and people will still listen to the song and blah blah blah. I don’t care if he’s richer than me, THAT STILL DOES NOT MEAN HE CAN BE A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING.

Like this song makes it look like the rapper is the protagonist while the two women he’s sleeping with look like bitches. No. NO. NOOOO. Are you kidding me? YOU ARE SLEEPING WITH TWO WOMEN. YOU ARE AN ASS. I cannot stand people that cheat. I think cheaters are disgusting and they are despicable. Why would you do that to someone? Why do you only think about yourself? Do you not think that these people have feelings? ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOURSELF? Are you that selfish that you can’t break up with one person and just get with the other on a later date? ARE YOU THAT STUPID? 


This song makes my skin crawl. I cannot believe that this is actually a thing and it’s actually on the radio. This song is degrading and terrible. I know most rap songs are degrading to women and no I do not support that but this one just takes the cake. WOMEN AREN’T OBJECTS YOU FREAKS. THIS ENCOURAGES MEN TO BE ASSHOLES AND TREAT WOMEN LIKE DIRT. YOU ARE A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING. I legit don’t care if this is just a song, this song makes it okay to cheat on women and belittle them for finding out. This song treats women as objects, just things to play around with. NO. NO. NOOOO. You stop this right now. I am so sick of this. I am so sick and tired of women being belittled in the media. We do not have to look like supermodels. If we don’t look like one, you have no right to judge us. We should not all weigh like 90 pounds. That’s straight up unhealthy and dangerous. We do not have to impress you. We do not have to live up to your standards. Women are very much capable of doing things that men can do. Women give birth for Christ’s sake. YOU PUSH A BABY OUT OF YOURSELF AND THEN COME AND TELL ME THAT YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME BECAUSE YOU’RE A MAN. I do not hate men. This might sound like I don’t like men, I just hate ignorant people. I hate people who don’t understand that race, gender, sexual orientation isn’t a defining factor of “who’s better?” No one is better than anyone. WE ARE EQUAL and if we treated each other as such, terrible music like this wouldn’t be on the radio. Now I know some really awesome men in my life who treat women with respect and dignity. I know not all men are terrible. I know not all men think women are objects. It’s just the ones that do that make me want to hurl extremely sharp things at them. I do not believe that women are better than men. I believe that we should be treated equally to each other. 

I don’t know much about feminism but I do know that both women and men should be given equal rights. I firmly believe that every human being is entitled to be treated as a human being. No one is better than the other and we should all just freaking love each other and live in harmony but NOOOOO you have a song about getting high and being paranoid that the two girl you are sleeping with are setting you up and you think you have the right to call them bitches. I hope they set you up and kick your ugly ass. YOU HAVE A DOLLAR SIGN IN YOUR NAME!! EVEN KESHA REALIZED THAT IS SOME BASIC MESS. Go home. I might be completely misinterpreting this song. If I am, I welcome you to correct me.

Sorry it’s late. I’m tired and procrastinating. This song burns a hole in my soul and I just wanted to let it out. Thanks for putting up with me. Here, I made you this cake. Not really but yeah.






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