Beautiful Men and Church

Day 3.

I have not died yet. It’s a miracle. 

Some of us went to St. Paul’s Cathedral for church and let me tell you, it was one of the best experiences. It was beautiful and it was the first time I’ve been to church since summer started. I mean what better way to go back to church. 

I’ve been to St. Paul’s before and I got to climb to the top of it and it was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I absolutely love this place. The architecture is absolutely stunning like every other historic building in London but St. Paul’s is something else. 

Afterwards we ate a pub that was built out of Christopher Wren’s boat. He was one of the best architects in history. After the Great Fire in London, he helped rebuild a bunch of buildings including St. Paul’s Cathedral. Like damn. You go, Wren.

I’m still not used to the food. I’m not complaining because I love food but I just haven’t found something I went “Holy poop, this is amazing.” I shall keep looking. For science. 

Later in the night, the final World Cup game was on and we headed out to a pub to watch it except all the pubs were full near where we lived so we somehow ended up somewhere in south London (we live in North London) and the game wasn’t even playing where we went so I watched it on my phone but before I could see Germany win, we had to leave and there was no wifi so I found out who won 2 hours after it ended like some peasant. I demand wifi to be free and to be EVERYWHERE. 

Can we dwell for a moment as we fill ourselves with excitement over Germany winning the World Cup? Germany was ON POINT this World Cup. I mean I am like in love with Messi but the entire Germany team is bae. I am obsessed with soccer, oh sorry, I mean football players. They are all so fit and gorgeous looking. Just look at Germany’s team.





Need more proof? Okay now look at this photoshoot Dolce & Gabbana did with Italy’s players.



Like my ovaries are everywhere. I am determined to marry a football player. Just wow.

As the day comes to an end, I am still trying to finish work for my class tomorrow. Class is going to suck because I am not in a very “hey let’s go to school and gobble up some knowledge” mood. I’m more in a “hey, let’s not go to class and gallivant around London, tearing shit up” mood. I’m not ready at all. I have no notebooks, pencils or pens. I have nothing ready. I am ill-prepared. What a great start to school, Jonny. You out did yourself.


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