Cool Kids on Baker Street

Today was the first day of classes and well it was alright. It was class. We sat there for about 3 hours talking about books. It was pretty good if you’re into that kind of stuff.

After class, I ate some weird sausages and went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum with people from my class. It was what you would call a dream come true. I mean I grew up on Sherlock Holmes. My dad used to buy me the old BBC series from 1965 on DVD whenever he traveled and I got so into detective stuff. It was the only thing I ever asked him to buy for me when he traveled. I didn’t want candy, toys or shiny things. Just the 1965 version of Sherlock Holmes on DVD. Like an ordinary child.


Scooby Doo, Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Pokemon were my life. Pokemon really isn’t a detective show but it solves the mystery of the meaning of life so there’s that for ya.


Anyways, going to Sherlock Holmes’ apartment at 221B Baker Street had my childhood fangirl screaming everywhere. It was amazing. I was amazed. It was really creaky and tiny though but what would you expect? It opened in like 1990.

Afterwards, we tried to go to Millennium Bridge, ended up at the National Portrait Gallery which is nowhere close. Story of my life. Nothing ends up the way it’s supposed to. The gallery was really interesting. It was just an entire gallery of portraits of famous people. I was walking down the main hallway of the 1st floor where there were portraits hanging on the walls and busts along the way as well. I realized how creepy it would be to be there when the lights weren’t on. Well any of the rooms with the lights off would be the creepiest thing. What if they come to life and kill you or make you watch Sharknado a hundred times or something else that’s terrible? Terrifying.

Oh this place had the portrait of Kate Middleton and it is perfection. She is perfection. I want to be her. I need to be her.



I got gelato after dinner with some other people and nothing went wrong except I keep forgetting my damn tube pass. I am terrible at keeping things. I’m terrible at remembering where things are. I’m just a very unorganized, forgetful, idiotic human being. How I’m even alive is a mystery.

Today I also realized how dorky I am. I mean I always kind of knew but today I was like “How do I have friends?” I am super into video games, detective novels, Pokemon, Digimon, Legos and literature. I could talk about those things for days but mention sports to me and I’ll be like, “I’m sorry, I don’t speak your language.” Unless it’s soccer, I am clueless and I am not athletic. I tried to be one of those athletic kids at school growing up but I soon realized that I don’t like moving so that was no go. I was definitely one of the unpopular kids at school. Whatever, my mom says that I’m average so I must be cool. Wait no. That’s not right. I was even unpopular with my parents and I’m an only child. Nah, my parents love me, I think. I don’t mind being uncool because I don’t think I would like things cool kids like such as the outdoors, being around humans, interacting with those humans, dressing nice, being able to get social cues, not eating an entire thing of biscuits by yourself while reading Harry Potter, playing sports and going to rollerskating rinks, popping your collar and grooving to some Elvis while combing your slick gelled hair with a tiny comb. That’s what they do, right? I don’t know. I’m like 76% sure I’m right. Cool.

So today was a success so now I shall do my homework while thinking of reasons why I shouldn’t do my homework. Perfect.

Thanks for reading this. I’m glad you find it at least a little entertaining to read about someone else’s study abroad experience especially mine. I mean I’m not the most entertaining person but I’m trying to do some crazy ass things like going outside so I have something to write about here and keep you all engaged. You’re welcome.



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