Harry Potter and The One With All The Walking Tours.

Two days and two walking tours later, my feet have petitioned to no longer be attached to my body.

Tuesday, for class, we went on a Sherlock walking tour. We basically walked around central London learning about Sherlock and went to spots in different stories of Sherlock. It was pretty cool. Our tour guide was Scottish and I am determined to marry a Scottish man because damn. Good thing, I’m going to Scotland this weekend because I will find a man and dub him bae.

After the walking tour, we decided to go to King’s Cross and wait in line for 45 mins to get a picture with the trolley at the famous Platform 9 3/4. It was totally worth the wait. We ate some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. I had myself a nice taste of grass. Yum. Does that count as my vegetable for the day?

Later we tried to go on the Jack the Ripper walking tour but we couldn’t find it so we just walked along the Thames River and crossed the Tower Bridge. It was quite amazing. It was so pretty. Here look at pretty.

image (2)

Today, we had class again. It was okay. I was extremely tired and my professor asked to see me after the end of class. She asked at the beginning of class so the entire class time I was super nervous because I was sure she was going to behead me. It just turns out I’m extremely stupid and forgot to turn something in. I also realized I’m terrible at english. Why am I an english major? I got some serious life thinking to do.

At night, we decided to try again with the Jack the Ripper tour. It somehow turned into us powerwalking all the way from the Temple Station to the Tower of London which is a solid 2 mile walk. We also hadn’t eaten dinner so it was worse but it was an adventure and we got there with enough time to inhale a sandwich and make it to the place we were supposed to meet the tour guide.

I didn’t know a whole lot about Jack the Ripper. All I knew before the tour was that he killed a bunch of prostitutes. It turns out he killed a bunch of prostitutes in the most gruesome way a human can be murdered. It made my skin crawl listening to the tour guide describe the killings. The one part that scared me the most was that no one heard the murders. Apparently there were people living right above where the first murder was and a couple of people sitting in a building and the only thing that divided them and the murder was a glass window. HOW DO YOU NOT HEAR ANYTHING? WHAT? How are you so careful and quick that no one hears you gruesomely murder a woman? He also killed someone in broad daylight and was walking around with a bloody knife and her uterus. Excuse me? How about we don’t and say we never did? Oh here, let me just carve out her uterus and carry it around in my pocket. Let’s give that big NO and move on.

The last murder was the worst of them all. I will not go into detail because just hearing it described will give me nightmares. They never found out who did it. It will forever be a mystery but there is no mystery in the fact that he is now dead. Bye.

Also FYI do not image search Jack the Ripper or his victims. Just don’t do it. Okay? Don’t. You’re going to do it, aren’t you? You’re doing it. Okay well then. You are terrible at following directions unless you really aren’t doing it then good for you. Here’s a gold star.



Now I don’t want to leave you people who tried but couldn’t help themselves with nothing. Here you go.



Anywhoooo, one thing I love about London or any city in Europe is that the modern and the classic coexist. There will be a beautiful Victorian church right next to a business building with all windows. It’s stunning. Just imagining that some building were here hundreds of years ago and are still standing and still in use is an amazing thought. It leaves me awestruck every time I think about it.

I also just started watching Doctor Who so I can be hip like all you crazy kids. I am kind of in love with it so far. It’s so good. The first series is super cheesy so far but I am loving it. So excuse me while I continue watching Doctor Who and eat some Jammie Dodgers. Brb, too busy being hip.


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