The Streets Were Never Made For Standing Still

Red velvet, draped on the ground.

Flashing lights illuminate the grey walls in intervals.

Like the flashes of dreams left behind,

the streets are ignited into a frenzy.

Limited viewing, we still glance for a glimpse

Unknown origins and dissolving futures.

People move on quickly,

after all, the streets were not made for standing still.


Red sheets, draped on the ground.

Blue lights flash in intervals, timed to the beat of world

The air is uncomfortably cold

The skies are tinted in colors only seen in tragedies

The city roars on but the world remains silent

Gather yourself, lift your intrigue and step away.

We were never meant to stay for eternity,

so we carry on,

After all, the streets were never made for standing still.


I wish I knew a better way to start this.

I don’t really know what’s all happening, I don’t quite understand everything.

We all have days when it feels like the sky is caving in and the world is just out to get you. If not, then keep it to yourself.

I wish I knew better words to describe how I feel. 

I have seen many things in my life that have truly stuck with me. Today I saw a dead body. The body was covered so I wasn’t really able to see but the police surrounded the area. As I walked by, I looked to see what it was all about and I saw the body lying in the middle of the taped off area, covered in a red sheet. I stopped breathing for a few seconds and I felt every bone in my body shake. I don’t know what happened and I don’t think the police would’ve told me if I asked. 

I know I promised a less intense post but I also kind of have to get this out. I can’t seem to erase the image in my head. I have never seen a dead body before and I never intended to see one. Today has been a very strange and numbing day. Today has been a day I wish to never live again.

So I wrote the poem above while I was pondering everything. I’m not a poet. I truly believe that my writing sucks. I mean I try but I rarely succeed. These were just words I had to get out of my head.



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