Rant: I’m Not Sorry

Something truly annoyed me today. 

I am very open about my views on equality. If wanting women to be seen and treated as equals makes me a feminist then I will proudly take on that label and I will not be quiet about it. I fully understand that feminists are never seen in a positive light. Feminists seek to belittle men and to take power away from them. Even though that is not the case, that is the stereotype.

So yes, I am a feminist and I am damn proud. I don’t believe that women are lesser being. I believe that we are all human and that our gender, race or sexuality should never matter in us being treated as humans.

Something that annoyed me is that me being an outspoken feminist is worth joking about. I know that it wasn’t meant out of bad taste but it still annoyed me slightly.

“Oh don’t say that, Jonny won’t like it. She would’ve yelled at you about how all women are equal.” They would laugh.

I’m glad that you find that funny. Yes, I would tell you all about how women should be equal. I shouldn’t HAVE to tell you but I will. I shouldn’t have to educate you on why you shouldn’t be an ass and just treat women equally. You shouldn’t be taught that women are meant to be equals. You should know it. It should be instinct but it isn’t, is it?

I don’t find sexist jokes funny. I don’t. I find them disgusting and vile.

“He was just saying to get a rise out of people, don’t take it seriously. Don’t take it personally.”

I will take it personally. I will be insulted. It is out of ill taste and he should be told to not say shit like that ever again. He should not use women as punchlines and feminism as the ba-da-bing. 

Do you not understand?

Women are scared to walk down the street at night. They clutch onto their keys between their fingers, ready for an attack. Women are now warned to not take drinks. Drinks. We are told to fear liquid. We are told not to wear something scandalous because that might be implying something. I will wear whatever I damn well please and if you can’t keep it in your damn pants, you need to get YOUR life sorted. We are told that we are lesser, weaker and not worth much. Sometimes we are told that we were “asking for it.” We were “asking” to be raped, to have our innocence taken away from us. We were “asking” to be left cold, clothes ripped and violated. We were “asking” to be used as objects. Women have fought their way up through history to even be acknowledged. So yes, I’m sorry I’m a bit testy about the fact that I don’t want to be treated like dirt. I’m not sorry that I am outspoken about it. I am a woman and I should not have to live in fear. I am not asking for women to beat men. I don’t want women to make men feel lesser. I want to be treated equally. If being treated like a human is taking power away from you, you really need to rethink your life. I don’t want to the butt of some joke but apparently my outspoken stance on the equality of women is something to mock. 

I don’t quite understand your need to mock my feminist ways. Does it make you feel better to disrespect my views? I’m sorry that I cannot tolerate how women are treated. I’m sorry that I don’t want to ideally stand by and listen to you mock women. I’m sorry that I don’t want what I feel passionately about to be laughed at. Actually I’m not sorry. I don’t care if you’re trying to be funny. I know how to take a joke. I’m the master of taking jokes, of being laughed at, of being ridiculed. But that, that isn’t funny. You’re not funny. If you’re trying to be funny, you’re doing a terrible job. Get some new material. Maybe something that doesn’t make you sound like you’re crapping out of your mouth.



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