Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


I am having trouble sleeping as I think about the fact that I will be leaving this beautiful city of London tomorrow. I do not want to go. I do not. 

London has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. This entire month has changed my life in so many amazing ways. 

I have seen some of the most beautiful sights. I have experience some of the most amazing things. I have met some of the greatest people this world has to offer. 

The people that I have met on this trip has made me realize how beautiful the world really is. I cannot imagine my life without these people now.

It’s going to be so weird going back. 

I’ll try and summarize what I have done in the past week.

I saw Richard III and met Martin Freeman. We are in love now. NBD.

I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tours and cried a million years of happiness. That place literally holds 10 years of my childhood. We are also in love. NBD.

I went to the Cliffs of Dover and fell in love there too.

I walked under the Thames. That’s right, there’s a tunnel that goes under the Thames. So I literally walked under the Thames. Crazy.

I went to a drag race. I absolutely love the London LGBT community. I’ll write on that separately.

I went and did a bunch of stuff with a bunch of awesome people. 

On our last night, a few of my favorite people and I went out to dinner and then walked along the Thames. On our way back, I was sitting on the tube and for a moment as my friends chatted away and laughed together, I realized how lucky I was to be able to have met such amazing people. It really made me understand how amazing life can be. These beautiful people really made this trip what it is. It brought back the hope and faith I lost a while ago. I will never know what God wants from me but whatever it is, as long as he keeps bringing people like the ones I’ve met on this trip into my life, I know I’ll be fine. 

I really do plan on moving to London one day. I know I belong here. Whatever it is I do with my life, I will make sure it will bring me to London. This city is beautiful and filled with amazing sights. I have truly come to value the importance of keeping history alive. On the two pound coin here, it says “Standing on the shoulder’s of giants.” It really describes this entire country. England is built upon thousands of years of history. Some of the most amazing people from history who have changed the world are from here. 

I will never forget this place and this entire experience. 

My first love will always be London. 










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