For Better Things: God ain’t playin’ with you.

I literally cannot stand the saying, “Maybe God is just waiting to give you something bigger.” Like I have to sit down when I hear that shit because I’m like “I gotta sit down because you are trifflin’ all over the damn place.” I get it. I know God is probably doing his thing up there in Heaven like he’s looking down at me and being all, “Girl, wait til you see this shit. It’s about to craaay up in this HIZZZAYYY.” In my head, God is a hustler. He’s up there, wearing 3 chains, with diamond grills and stunna shades. PS: I’m going to Hell.

I’m just saying, it’s very hard to read God. It’s actually right there in the Most Impossible Things That Will Never Happen category right above my love life. All I know that it’s important to trust in God when it’s the hardest to do so. When you feel your heart falling out of your chest and you just start asking all of the why questions, it’s when God is relying on you the most to trust him. God is going to do amazing things with your life despite what you believe because He is God and God doesn’t play. Ya feel?

It’s easy to be hateful. It’s easy to be mad. I’m not saying that being grateful for terrible things is what you need to do. Oh hell to the no. You can be hateful all you want. Life sucks. If you are one of those people who can see the good in every bad, you are one hell of a person and I would like to learn from your ways. It’s just that we learn a lot from hurt. We remember the lessons of pain more than happiness. It resonates deeper. I wish I didn’t but as humans, we dwell on the bad more than the good. Maybe God is trying to teach us through pain because of how loud the lessons are. Maybe if we just train ourselves to learn more from happiness, God won’t have to teach us through all the crappy things in this world. Maybe you’re not listening and God is just like, “LISTEN TO ME. I’M TALKING TO YOU. HEY. DON’T YOU IGNORE ME. I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR YOU TO BE IGNORING ME.” Maybe these are things that have to happen for something we can’t fathom. I don’t know. That’s my point. I have no idea. That’s the point of faith. To believe in something greater than yourself when you feel smaller than anything you’ve ever felt. So have faith. Why not believe in the bright side rather than just sitting in the dark? You have nothing to lose from it. It might be hard but you would probably feel so much better telling yourself that everything happens for a reason and that God is working his magic, conjuring up some awesome shit for you. Life would suck more than anything if bad things happened and that was it. You’re probably a good person and bad shit happens to good people all the time but all success stories comes from the most disheartening beginnings. If that isn’t quote worthy, I don’t know what is.

You’ll be fine in the end. That’s all I’m trying to say in this post. Regardless of what you believe, you’ll be okay. Life will be life and you just have to learn to be better than life. You survived everything that has been thrown at you and you’re still awesome. See, you’ll be juuuust fine. I believe in you. You can do this.


So even though I hate the saying that God is waiting to give you better things, it doesn’t hurt to believe in it.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted. Thought I’d come back with some inspirational shit to be like “YEAH, I’M STILL HERE. BAM.”

Stay awesome, you guys.



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