45 ways to not be in love with someone

Being in love with someone who won’t ever love you back is a very hard thing to experience.

You’re all like


And they are like


Here are 45 things you can do to deal with those feelings.

1. Read a book.

2. Read another book.

3. Write a book.

4. Read your own book.

5. Buy a llama.

6. Learn to breed llamas.

7. Start a llama farm.

8. Bottle up your feelings.

9. Never address those feelings.

10. Eat a lot.

11. Work out.

12. Just kidding, keep eating.

13. Take a nap.

14. Learn to hibernate like a bear.

15. Hibernate.

16. Write a letter.

17. Write another letter.

18. Write 17 letters.

19. Send them all to yourself.

20. Read those letters.

21. Go fishing.

22. Realize you’re going to die alone.

23. Eat a bagel.

24. Burn down a house (make sure no one is inside the house, I don’t condone murder).

25. Fight poverty.

26. Open a clothing line.

27. Figure out how to time travel.

28. Go back to simpler times.

29. Eat another bagel.

30. Become ruler of the world.

31. Get 200 cats.

32. Realize you can’t handle 200 cats and sell at least 100 of them online.

33. Go sky diving.

34. Learn another language.

35. Cry.

36. Move to Japan (if you live in Japan, move somewhere else).

37. Listen to your friends tell you that there are more fish in the sea.

38. Fill their houses/apartments with a bunch of dead fish with a letter that says “Like these?”

39. Try and make the person you’re in love with love you back.

40. Fail miserably because you can’t make someone fall in love with you.

41. Solve a mystery.

42. End world hunger.

43. Eat more bagels.

44. Develop super powers.

45. Do all of these things at once.

Hope this helps.

Good luck, pals.


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