Passage of Emotions

My attempt at poetic prose writing.


Without sound, she beckoned for tomorrow to arrive in a timely and swift manner. She would not tolerate tardiness and incompetence.

It was as if she commanded the sun to rise in the east with a gentle movement of her hand. It was as if she hung the moon in the sky after the sun set so the world would not be shrouded in darkness. It was as if she led an army of soldiers into battle for a war that she waged on herself.

Her eyes glazed as she slowly breathed the world in. She felt every particle in the atmosphere collide onto her skin and lay gently on the surface, patiently waiting their turn to dwell within her bones. Like the slow ripples of disturbed water, she reacted to the sound of her own loneliness. The initial drop of her heart and the rapid turns within her mind, she felt everything all at once. The impact of the emotions running into the walls of her skin left her uneasy and shaken. She trembled into a sudden motion of fear and anxiety. A quick reminder of her failures and a note of her insecurities flashed within the illuminated corners of her mind. Projected onto the walls inside her skull, she watched the movies of her past and her imagined future. Shocks of intense wonder and terror reached the tips of her fingers as she drew them into a fist that she placed on her lap. All this within the milliseconds of time as the thin, plastic hand of the clock swung.

Jaws tightened and her limbs stiffened, she stared out the window of her dimly lit room and breathed out the words that reminded her of the tomorrow that would soon arrive within a few hours:

It’ll pass.”



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