She stood there, leaning up against the window frame. Her hips braced her stance, she used her left foot for extra support. Her skin was so lightly kissed by the sun as if the sun knew how delicate she was. Her dark, blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun that flopped slightly towards her left shoulder. My button down white shirt fell over her, swallowed her. Her deep, dark green eyes stared off out into the open world and her lips carefully sipped on the coffee, which she held with both hands. The coffee warmed her small, button nose and filled her senses with an invigorating morning call. She would place the mug on the ledge but her hands never abandoned it, her fingers carefully placed on the ceramic. She looked so content, so safe. I remember sipping my own cup of coffee staring at her, in slight disbelief of her existence. Beautiful wasn’t a good enough word to describe her.

She spoke into the air, her words gliding through the atmosphere, filling the room, “It’s a gorgeous day out today.”

It really was.



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