Dear Everyone: A Letter to Everyone

Here is a letter to everyone I could think of.

Dear people I care about,

I care about you because you are genuinely yourselves and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Dear people who care about me,

Interesting choice you made.

Dear people who I left behind,

Sorry. Bye.

Dear people who left me behind,

Double Bye

Dear people I reconnected with,


Dear people who apologized to me,

We good.

Dear people I apologized to,

We good?

Dear people who hated me,

Honestly same

Dear people I hated,

You did something mad cray and I ain’t about it or you support Trump.

Dear people who support Trump,

For the love of God, WHY?

Dear feminists,

Hell yeah

Dear people who aren’t feminists,

Hell no

Dear people who made me laugh,

You’re the greatest and I treasure you

Dear people who laughed at me,

Honestly same

Dear people who asked me to hang out but never followed through,

You either too busy or you straight lyin’

Dear people I asked to hang out but never followed through,

My bad. I’m probably too scared to ask again because I’m a coward and I will always feel like I’m bothering you.

Dear people who still legit want to hang out,

Yo hit a gurl up. I is available.

Dear people I dated,


Dear people I had crushes on,

I still think you hella cute but I’m too scared to admit it because of my crippling fear of rejection.

Dear people who had crushes on me,

You exist though?

Dear people I fell in love with,

I’m sorry I was not strong or brave enough to tell you

Dear people who fell in love with me,

I’m sorry. God rest your souls

Dear friends,

Thank you

Dear acquaintances,

We chill but still. Let’s hang or something.

Dear strangers,

Who are you?

Dear mom and dad,

Thanks for everything you’ve ever done for me. You da real MVPs

Dear people I call best friends,

Like it’s for real. I don’t joke about shit like that.

Dear people whom I said “I love you” to,

Like seriously, I ain’t joking about shit. If I say I love you, I mean it. I ain’t no triflin’ bitch. Don’t test me though.

Dear people I don’t talk to anymore,

There’s a reason. Search for it.

Dear people who don’t talk to me anymore,

Must be a reason but oh well. Busy.

Dear lovers,


Dear soul,

Man I’m sorry. It’s been rough but we gon’ make it through.

Dear heart,

You good? Because you hella broken and I’m worried.

Dear bank account,

Wow I’m like real sorry…but I ain’t done abusing you yet so hold tight, I just saw something online and Imma get it.

Dear younger me,

It doesn’t really get better but you learn to deal with it in a much healthier and nicer way than you currently are. Seriously stop hating yourself so bad. It ain’t cute. Also work out more. Legit. WORK OUT MORE.

Dear older me,

Please tell me it gets better. Like send me a sign or something.

Dear God,

I’m sorry for everything and I hope we still chill.

Dear world,

Let’s be nicer to each other because I’m getting real tired of all this bullshit. Like seriously. What the hell, you guys?


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