Realizing the Role of the Asian man in Get Out: An Asian Girl’s Review of Get Out

So I recently watched Get Out.



It was one of the most brilliantly crafted movies of all time. The symbols and metaphors in every single scene were amazing. I want to watch it again, just to catch every single part. It told such an amazing story about the struggles of being African American and the fear of what it means to be black in a white world.

So I’m going to discuss the movie so this is your


If you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT. It’s amazing and stunning and important and just everything. Seriously, stop everything you are doing and go see it.

One thing stuck out to me the most. It was subtle and people might’ve missed it.
But I am an Asian woman and I could not ignore it and I think that was the whole point. I think when that Asian man came into the shot, Jordan Peele (the director, creator, producer, all around amazing person) was calling out and reaching out to the Asian population. I think he did it so subtly as a way that it would only hugely impact the Asian people watching. He was 100% correct. I was shook but my other friends weren’t as much. It really got me thinking. Seeing that man, in the crowd of white people who were definitely up to no good and then seeing him again as such as weird question, and then finally seeing him at the creepy ass silent auction made me realize something.


I will fully acknowledge that as a whole, Asians are seen and are at times “have it better” but that in no way means that we are not discriminated against. However, Asians are known for assimilating better and have stereotypes, as people have literally told me, that are “not that bad.”

So to other POCs, it makes sense why an Asian man, not a Middle Eastern or Latino person or any other race, is hanging out willy nilly among the evil white people.

To me, it meant more than that. It made me reevaluate my own racial status, which I think was the intention. I don’t think it was meant to bring down Asians but to let us view our roles in society.

But another thing that really caught me was the question that the man asks, “Is the African-American experience an advantage or disadvantage?”

Now this, just elevated everything to a whole new level. This is where I fully understood why Jordan Peele is probably one of the smartest guys in Hollywood right now.

Asians are immigrants. So many of my Asians friends are first generation Asian Americans. I’m not even the first generation Asian American. My children will be. We are still outsiders. I am still an outsider. I am still an immigrant. When people yell, “Go back to where you came from,” it makes more sense than yelling at an African American person who was born in American and have ancestors rooted in America.

So while African Americans are discriminated against and racism between whites and blacks are still so rampant, an Asian man understands that being black is more likely to be a part of the American society than being Asian. The Asian man, unlike the other old white people, is not concerned with Chris’ strength, youth, or abilities. He simply wonders about Chris’ experience as a black man and tries to evaluate whether that is better than his own experience as an Asian man in America. 
One part that this movie got wrong was making the Asian man completely side with the scary ass white people in the movie. He was viewed as if he was never belittled for his race. I have had racial slurs and racist remarks thrown at me by people of all races. However, there is a difference in the racism that I experience opposed to a black man. I don’t fear for my life when I see a cop. I do not fear physical harm but that does not mean I don’t experience discrimination. I understand that the fearing for your life is more detrimental than being called racial slurs and told I’m a cultural experience for non-Asian men to have (“I’ve never been with an Asian girl” Yeah and you never will, you asswipe).
Okay seriously side note: I literally had someone tell me that Asian women are more disregarded because people who fought in the Vietnam and Korean war had Asian prostitutes in the Asian countries so now people equivocate Asian women as more sexual beings, so like if I find a prostitute here in America, do I go back to Korea and regard all white men as prostitutes? What the fuck man? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like because of what happened YEARS and YEARS ago, it’s okay for you to think that I am more willing to have sex with you? Also if you seek out prostitutes in a different country, you will most likely get a prostitute of the race of that country so you cannot come back to your own country and then tell your children, “all Asian women are prostitutes.” You bigoted sociopath.
I have been disregarded as a human because of my race many times. My parents experience it more simply because they have an accent. They are viewed as lesser. We do not understand white privilege but for some reason, other races think we do.
I mean remember when Miley Cyrus did this and then said that she was just making a “goofy face.” Sure Miley, SURE.
We also ignore Chris Rock’s shitty use of those Asian children during the Oscars. How am I supposed to applaud a man that talks about being discriminated against while he discriminates another race?
Why is it more acceptable to discriminate against Asians? Why?
If you are so upset about discrimination, then stand up for other people discriminated against too. Don’t say, “Well I got discriminated against so it’s okay for me to discriminate other people who don’t look like me. Let’s bring some Asian children up here and put racist stereotypes on them and make everyone laugh, what a great idea.”
I, personally, will always stand up for anyone who is being discriminated against. I will defend the rights of every human being if I can. I will not stay silent. I will march alongside people of all races. I will not use other people’s pain as a punchline. I will show up. And I would like everyone else to do the same.
So yeah, Asian people do need to do more but other NBPOCs need to do more as well. All POCs need to do more for one another. Along with that, everyone, as people, need to do more. We cannot just sit on the sidelines and watch other people get discriminated against. We all need to stand up for one another because we are all humans. We cannot keep categorizing one another.
This movie is a call to action for us NBPOCs. The movie calls us to do more. It wants us to stop being silent. We cannot sit by when an entire group of people is being discriminated, belittled, and attacked. We need to do something. A wake up call.
And to all people, this is a reflection of our society that we need to change. We need to step up.
This movie is so important. It is one of the most important movies. I will forever stand by that statement.

When Miley Cyrus Attacks

Everyone has a fear.

I have a tremendous fear of Miley Cyrus crashing into my apartment singing Wrecking Ball or bugs. I hate bugs. 

We all live with certain fears that completely and utterly paralyze us just by thinking about it. I have come to realize that we have two layers of fear. The external fears, which are basically anything that makes us scream, like a fear of heights, of clowns, of Miley Cyrus, of bugs, of enormous furby dolls invading the earth. Then we have the internal fears; the fear of being abandoned, getting hurt, getting your heart broken, being vulnerable. The fear that would destroy who we are on the inside and render us completely stripped of everything. The thing about fear is that one day you are going to have to face it. There is no way you can run from it. I mean the scenario with Miley Cyrus is probably not going to happen so I’m safe there but like bugs and being vulnerable. We will all have to face them eventually. A bug might crawl across your counter and you will scream, flail around until you smack your head into a wall and you fall over and lay there in embarrassment and shock. Someone you care about will leave you because you two got into a fight and neither one of you had the balls to say sorry so it got really awkward and now every time you see them, you make awkward eye contact and in that moment you feel a pang of regret and sadness because you wonder what would’ve happened if you just freaking apologized but now you think it’s too late because so much time has gone by and you have spoken to each other in over a year. Either way, your fears will always catch up to you. It is inevitable. It is the sad truth of life. We are forced to face the things we hate the most sometime in the future. Life is sadistic and a meanie that way. Fear is the driving force in getting us to never do anything worth doing. We sit around and think about how to avoid these things and waste our time worrying about the outcome instead of just doing it. Our external fears are far more easier to escape. I mean if you don’t like clowns, don’t go to a circus or a clown college. If you don’t like heights, don’t go skydiving but you really should because it’s a lot of fun and life changing. Our internal fears are much harder to escape. They are harder because they completely depend on the other person. Your significant other, your friend, your family, strangers, Miley Cyrus. You put yourself out there and you risk getting hurt. You risk your pride, love, dignity and self. It’s a risk that we all take at least once in our lives. We give our hearts away to the wrong people. We tell our stories to the ones who don’t want to listen. We love those who will never love us back. The only way to avoid this is to completely shut yourself out from the world and never come out again. This will probably lead to insanity. You cannot avoid the outside world because the outside world is all about getting all up in your business and being like “WHAT YOU GONNA DO NOW? HUH?! YEAH! YOU AIN’T GON DO NUTHIN!” You sit there all awkward and small being like “Please leave me alone, I’m trying to enjoy my tea.” Life will not allow you to shelter yourself for long. Life will always get you in the end. It’s the sad truth of living. However, to turn this subject around, when we risk ourselves to the things we are most afraid of, we become stronger. We grow a little more and we change. No matter how weak you feel in that moment when someone betrays you or someone breaks up with you, in the end you’ll become stronger because you know what pain is, you know what it feels like to get your heart ripped out. There are two ways of going at this also. You either become tough skinned or completely numb. It’s okay to be either one. There is nothing wrong with being tough skinned or numb as long as you remember this, you are better. If you know that you’ve given everything you got and it doesn’t work out then fine, sometimes our best isn’t good enough but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t good. Something just don’t work out and after you’ve done all you could, it still doesn’t then you move on. You have the capability of moving on. You do not have to be stuck in one place and commend yourself in knowing that you really did give it your best shot. It’s all you can do. 

We end up obsessing over all the things we could’ve done or should’ve said but it’s over and you did what you could at the moment and it didn’t work out. Your heart got broken and your trust got shattered but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person, that doesn’t mean you aren’t enough, that will never mean that you are worthless. You are just human. Hearts get broken all the time and trusts get shattered every day. People will break and betray you. You will break and betray people too. It’s what being human is about. So just give your best with all you got. Don’t come back with regrets saying that you should’ve tried harder. Try your best right then and there. Face your fears because eventually you are going to face them anyway. Just get on with it. The faster you face your fear, the weaker the fear gets. Also remember 6 billion people are going through the same things. We might not be in the same situations or from the same background but we all have insecurities, we all have fears. We are all weak and vulnerable. If you open up to someone and they reject you then they haven’t had the time to face their fears yet and cannot admit to being vulnerable. Being vulnerable takes strength so just the fact that you were able to open yourself up to anyone is a deed that is impossible for some people. Don’t get down and sulk around because someone ran away from your problems. Be proud that you could even admit that you are not perfect and that in that moment, you weren’t scared of hiding who you are away. The fact that they ran away has nothing to do with you, it has something to do with them. Don’t blame yourself, don’t guilt yourself. So don’t be afraid to fall in love, to trust people, to be vulnerable. Don’t pretend to be perfect. Perfection is a terrible myth told by people who cannot admit their defeats. Perfection will never exist in human kind. You are not perfect but you are worth loving. Your fears are a result of your mindset. We build these fears in our heads until they become taller than mountains and we are unable to climb them. Stop that. You pop, lock and drop that mindset right now. Risk yourself because you will find people that will love you in your most vulnerable state and then your fears will run from you. If you never open doors, how in the sweet name of baby jesus are you going to be able to know what’s behind them? You ain’t got no X-Ray vision. Don’t you lock yourself within your walls. That ain’t gonna do you any good because we only grow to the size of the box we put ourselves in so if you gon hide in a box the size of my foot, you going to grow to the size of my foot. Why the hell do you think certain animals shed their skin and shit? Because they are getting too big for the skin they are living in. We are the same way except we don’t actually shed our skin like that, it’s a metaphorical thing. If we were running around shedding our skins for real, it would be the nastiest thing, skin shells the size of humans all over the damn road. No. Gross. I ain’t about that mess. I almost puke when I see a cockroach if I see skin shells the size of humans, I would die from all the disgust that will build up in my body. No. You stop that. 

So you take that fear of whatever and you kick it in its face. You knock the living Satan out of that fear and you make it fear you. Be stronger than your worries. You turn that mindset of can’t and won’t into OH HELL YES I WILL AND CAN, WATCH ME.

Except when it comes to this. Nope. Can’t. Sorry. I can never forget Hannah Montana and how she always had the best of both worlds.



Philosophical Fishermen

So today, a few friends and I were eating dinner and we got onto the subject of relationships and such. As a joke I said, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Now this is something everyone has heard. It’s a saying that tends to annoy a lot of people and I get why. I mean it’s all like “I know there’s plenty of fish in the sea, too bad I’m attracted to humans.” Then we got into a more deeper meaning of the saying. Imagine a fisherman. He goes out on his little boat and casts his fishing line and he sits there for hours waiting. He sits there patiently, drinking his beer, enjoying nature and the brisk air. He sits there and enjoys the wait because that’s fishing. Waiting. I like that metaphor the more I think about it. You cannot force love. You cannot force a fish to take the bait. You must wait, sit there and wait. You have to wait for love. You wait for the right person. You don’t rush into things. If you jump into the water and try to catch the fish hastily, all the fish will swim away. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you can always go fishing but you don’t just catch fish and sometimes at the end of the day, you might leave without even seeing one swim near you. Think about the fisherman, after waiting for so long, he finally gets a fish, imagine his happiness. He would be delighted. He fights hard to keep the fish on the line and finally he takes it out of the water and it’s success. It’s about enjoying the wait, the chase. You do your part and they will do theirs. People fish for fun. It’s a sport even. So as you wait for the person who will come into your life and make you as happy as the fish made the fisherman, remember to enjoy it. Don’t get upset, don’t get angry. Just enjoy the silence, the world around you, look up at the sky and the water around you. The vastness of it all, the beauty of it all. Don’t rush into love, don’t rush ever. You will literally get nothing from rushing. It’s always happens to me that when I rush, I always forget something and I feel like an idiot after. Like I was super late for a class and I panicked and rushed and then got to class and completely forgot my homework…I sat there like an idiot because the reason I rushed was because I was finishing up the assignment for that class. That’s just me being lazy but you get the idea. Don’t jump into a relationship without understanding the beauty of the what you have. Take your time, be patient. Eventually, the person you’ve been waiting for will come and there will be much rejoicing. Eventually, you’ll stop fishing because you don’t need to fish anymore. Learn to enjoy the person, get to know the person, fall in love with them. Don’t assume you’re in love with them. Don’t assume you know that person. A relationship is about growing and learning together. You have to play your part for them to play theirs. I’m not saying to sit at home and wait on your couch for the perfect person to come charging through your door. No one is going to come in like a wrecking ball. Your name isn’t Miley Cyrus, get it together. Unless you are Miley Cyrus then wow, thanks for reading this, also what is up with your outfit choices? Let’s talk, have coffee or something. Anyways, a fisherman doesn’t catch fish by staying home. He goes out and gathers the bait, gets the best fishing pole to get the best result, get out on the boat and goes to the fish and he waits. You go out into the world and do your thing. Don’t pretend you’re in love if you’re not. When you fall in love, you know. It’s not only wanting them but wanting their happiness. It’s where you would gladly put them first before any of your needs. It’s being able to open yourself up and risk the chances of getting hurt because they are worth that to you. It’s about sailing out to the middle of the ocean and casting a line and not knowing what the hell is out there and what is going to happen but trusting that it’s all going to be worth it. Be a fisherman. A traditional one, not a commercial one. Find love patiently. Actually if you remain patiently, love will find you. Fishing is a strange metaphor for love. Love is a strange thing. I don’t fully know what love is and I’ve never actually been in love but I think love is something different to every individual but overall love is the most important thing in life. If you have someone you love or someone who loves you, you are set, you are good to go and I don’t mean someone in a romantic sense either. If you love someone or know someone who loves you, you literally have one of the most powerful and beautiful things right there. And yes, this all came up at a random dinner with my friends. My friends and I get really deep and philosophical sometimes. I’m glad I have friends that will let me drone on and on about fishing and love. Also I hope you all understanding that I’m using fishing as a metaphor. I don’t actually mean go out and start throwing fishing lines into a crowd of people. Don’t be that person. Don’t be like “Oh well you told me that I should fish for people and blah blah blah.” I’ll kick you and teach you the meaning of a freaking metaphor. Being a smart ass will get you nowhere here. It’ll only make me want to lock you in a room where they play nothing but KidzBop versions of songs. 



Interpreting Wrecking Ball Half Asleep

You see the problem with staying up til 4 in the morning watching One Tree Hill is living with the fact that I stayed up til 4 in the morning watching One Tree Hill and now I am more tired than a clown riding a unicycle juggling while singing the National Anthem of Japan for 48 hours. Actually I’m not that tired. That’s a whole lot of tired that I would not be able to handle. 

I am at that point in my day where all I want to do is collapse into myself and sleep forever. Except I’m here, listening to Miley Cyrus, wondering what ever happened to Hannah Montana. Also the song, Wrecking Ball. She sings about how she came in like a wrecking ball and how she never hit so hard in love and then she got wrecked…the song makes no sense whatsoever. If she came in like a wrecking ball then why the hell is she wrecked? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a wrecking ball? She would really return that to Wrecking Balls ‘R Us. It’s clearly defective. Also if anyone came in like a wrecking ball anywhere, I would be so pissed. I just imagine someone crashing through the wall of a building and knocking everyone over and over and over. It’s really annoying. 

Not to mention she’s naked in that music video. Gross. That wrecking ball is just not having a good day, first it can’t even fulfill its life purpose of wrecking things and then it gets a naked Miley Cyrus molesting the crap out of it. It never asked for this, all it wanted was to wreck building and not have naked people ride it. A moment of silence for the wrecking ball.

I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m tired. I also want to be surrounded by sheep. That sounds so soft and baaaaaadass. HAHA get it? wow, i really need sleep.