There’s something so devastatingly beautiful about storms
The way the lightning leaves cracks in the sky
Letting us peer through the other side
The way the rain soaks the earth
As it drums against our windows
The way thunder bellows into the atmosphere
Rattling our bones
Reminding us that
we are simply living in a world that does not belong to us
and that we are truly defenseless
no matter how much we puff out our chests
and yell back
the storm always yells back a little louder
strikes back a little stronger
and we surrender to the echoing
of something much bigger than us.


The Winter Streets of Edinburgh

I took a walk.
Down the rain covered streets, through the violent wind.
Passing the bars, illuminated by lipstick stained cigarettes
Light jazz music could be heard over the light conversations
Each step was colder than the last
Each breath harder than the last.
My feet moved aimlessly
Walking down the street of light
The dimly lit stairs that dangled dimly lit pubs with drunken chatter.
A casual love, a broken soul, another pint or two.
Seeking shelter from the weather, a planned meet up, another round please.
I staggered down the uneven steps, mindlessly wondering, mindlessly dreaming.
I came upon Waverley.
I walked through the hellos and goodbyes
The trains whistling in the distance.
I sat in the designated waiting room, wondering if it would be that easy to leave this place behind.
A lady was waiting, a bouquet of flowers rested next to her
Her eyes occupied the pages of a book and her mind wandered through the printed words, the flowers resting, waiting for her attention.
A mother held onto her child, his tired eyes rested on her tired face.
Two women shared a drunken goodbye tied together with an unlit cigarette.
A man stared at his phone, time to time his eyes would lift up to the arrival and departure board.
Friends held each other in one last embrace before they would go back to their separate lives.
Everyone was going somewhere, watching the boards with anticipation.
Waiting for their next goodbyes and hellos.

I strolled down the once filled streets of Princes.
The Christmas market was empty, the once inviting rides now chained off,
The ice rink was being flooded with the rain, the skate sign still illuminated, patiently waiting for tomorrow.
I stared down the empty, dark streets. The kiosks shut tights as the wind knocked violently against them. It was easy to forget that when morning came, these streets would be filled once again with new and old faces.

Princes was darkened now and people were briskly making their way home.
Lovers huddled against each other for warmth.
Others kept their heads down against the sharp rain and fought against the violent gusts that filled these Scottish streets.

Making my way back home, I took one last look at Edinburgh.
The city that beat my heart and ate it.
My eyes were filled with wonder as I whispered my regrets into the wind.
I could walk these streets forever.
My feet have already made their home on these cobbled paths.
The rain soaked into my hair and clothes, the cold held my hands like a jilted lover, leaving icicles on my bones.
I couldn’t cry even if I wanted to.
The wind would wipe them away before they left my eyes.
Edinburgh was my unrequited dream.
Scotland was a beautiful love affair that left me an empty shell.
I laid out my bones on the Royal Mile and buried my love in the meadows.

I could’ve walked those streets forever.


Midnight in Paris but 5 pm in Nashville

CATCH. Here’s another review coming your way.

Tonight I decided to watch a movie called Midnight In Paris. It’s a movie about Gil, a film writer from California who is writing a novel. He comes to visit Paris with his fiance. He immediately falls in love with Paris. I mean who wouldn’t? He is very caught up in the romantic notion of things and wants to move there. His fiance however doesn’t think Paris is romantic at all and has no intentions of staying. Now enter the pedantic douche, Paul. A married man who is openly hitting on Gil’s fiance in front of him and his own wife. He tries to impress Gil’s fiance and she falls right for him. Gil, however, is in denial about the whole thing. The twist in this movie is one night on his walk back to his hotel, he is sitting on some steps and the clock strikes midnight then a car shows up and the people in the car tells him to get in. He openly does so and this is where the movie hit me in my literary obsession. He ends up at this party where Cole Porter is playing his songs and in comes Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Side note: F. Scott Fitzgerald is played by Tom Hiddleston. There is nothing more perfect. Of course, Gil thinks that this is a joke or he’s gone completely crazy but he just accepts it and plays along. Eventually he meets Ernest Hemingway at a bar where he says that he can get Gertrude Stein to review Gil’s novel. If this ever happened to me, I would literally pass out and die. So anyways, they go to Gertrude Stein’s home and Gil meets Pablo Picasso and his current girlfriend, Adrianna. Eventually Adrianna and Gil fall in love, he’s conflicted, blah blah blah. Watch the movie. Anyways, I am in love with this movie. I am not a big fan of Owen Wilson. Actually I’m not a fan at all. The way he speaks bothers me. I do wish someone else played his character but I’m just being a critic of Owen Wilson. Despite by disliking of the actor, I loved his character. He thinks so beautifully and romantically. He admires Paris for the feel of it, not the sights. He is also in love with the past, the 20s to be exact. I mean how can you not be? Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Stein, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel, Man Ray and the list goes on and on. He also encounter Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Paul Gaugin. Like oh my sweet jesus. I am absolutely amazed by this movie. The plot is a bit off but the characters and the idea of it is absolutely magical. I would kill to be able to meet Fitzgerald especially if he looked like Tom Hiddleston. I would give anything to have conversations with those amazing artists and writers. It’s such an incredible idea, being lost in the past. I don’t want to live in the 20s but I would sure love to visit. The geek in me imploded. I am such a sucker for the classics. I am madly in love with everything that has to do with that generation of writers. They are legends but they didn’t know it. F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite writer. The way he writes and how he wrote is beautiful. The talent he possessed is so rare and I’m talking more than the Great Gatsby. Tender Is The Night is a great book too, it was classified as a failure to Fitzgerald but I think the story is amazing. He reflects on his own life so well through his characters. I guess I’m a little caught up in the past as well. Literary wise at least. As an english major, this movie was something more than amazing to me. It was like my greatest dream all put into about an hour and a half. It’s definitely worth watching. The story is about more than just Gil has supernatural visits to the past, it’s about his need to escape the reality he is in. He realizes he is unhappy with his life and instead of doing something about it, he just wants to run away. Eventually he deals with it, get his life on track, blah blah blah. This movie made me appreciate the present a whole lot more. We sit around and imagine what it’s like to be in the future or the past. We use movies and books to escape into a different world because we are so bored with our current world but if you think about, sometime in the future, our time will be someone else’s golden time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring the past and looking ahead into the future. It’s actually encouraged. I just think that we shouldn’t get lost in it. I mean the present ends up being the middle child. Don’t let the present be the middle child. NOT NICE. What I’m saying is that we have to appreciate the things we have now because sometime in the future they will become things of legend. People will go to coffee shops and read our new books and listen to our music and be like “oh look at me, I’m so cool. I like things from the past. Yeah, I’m totally hip and better than you because I appreciate real art and you don’t.” Was that mean? I’m just saying, we get it, we know you are super in touch with your artistic side. We see that you are wearing skinny jeans, a white button up, suspenders and dark rimmed glasses. oh you’re playing a Mumford and Sons song on an Lyre because you are totally into ancient instruments now because the guitar is too mainstream. WE GET IT. Stop shoving it in our faces. I’m sorry, I went on a bit of a tangent there. I don’t have anything against hipsters, I just think that because it’s on the radio does not make it a bad song. You liked it like a week ago when it wasn’t on the radio but suddenly it gets super popular and you are talking about how lame it all is now. Get over yourself. Seriously. I get not all hipsters are like this but some are and I want to wring their necks with the “totally natural, hemp” scarf you are wearing. Sorry. SORRY. I just get a little worked up over certain things. ANYWAYS, watch this movie, fall in love with it, be one with this movie. Center your aura around this movie and embrace the art of it. Now breathe in. Breathe out. Empty your mind and take the movie in whole. Beautiful. Good good, you’re doing a great job. Again, breathe in, breathe out. Uhhh…sorry. I don’t know what that was about. But no really. Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald. TOM HIDDLESTON AS F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. TOOOOM HIDDLESTOOON AS F. SCOTT FITZGERAAAAAALD. It’s beautiful. He’s beautiful. I love him. I just can’t. Oh my word. I’m growing faint, catch me Tom. AHEM. I’m sorry again. Well not really, fantasizing about Tom Hiddleston catching me in his arms and whisking me away into the sunset is not something to be sorry about. EMBRACE IT. TAKE IT ALL IN.


You’re welcome.