There’s something so devastatingly beautiful about storms
The way the lightning leaves cracks in the sky
Letting us peer through the other side
The way the rain soaks the earth
As it drums against our windows
The way thunder bellows into the atmosphere
Rattling our bones
Reminding us that
we are simply living in a world that does not belong to us
and that we are truly defenseless
no matter how much we puff out our chests
and yell back
the storm always yells back a little louder
strikes back a little stronger
and we surrender to the echoing
of something much bigger than us.


Why I Changed My Profile Picture and Why It’s Okay If You Don’t

This past week has been a rough one for the entire world. So much tragedy has fallen on this planet and it is truly so sad. I wish there was a way we could stop hurting each other. I wish we could all move past our differences and live in peace but that won’t happen, will it?
There are so many problems in this world that I don’t know how to solve and I hate myself for that.

There’s also been a lot of talk about this whole French Flag profile picture thing.

My question is who cares?
Why does it matter to you whether or not people are changing their profile pictures? Why are you so cynical or so “against trend”? It doesn’t mean our hearts don’t break for everyone else that has experienced this tragedy. Stop trying to guilt people or mock them for their support. While we are just trying to mourn and show that we aren’t ignoring them, you are sitting there, bitching about whether we are doing it for attention or not. Take your heads out of your asses and realize the true tragedies that are going on in this world. Stop shaming people because they want to show support.
I would love to go over to all of these suffering countries and help but I can’t. I have responsibilities and a limited amount of money.
You think we all just change our profile picture and think that that will solve everything?
No, we are just trying to show we fucking care. Is that so bad?
What you don’t think that maybe we changed our profile picture and tried to help? You think we were all like, “Oh good, our profile picture now has a faded of the French Flag on it, we did our part, let us move on.”
Are you that cynical of the world?
You don’t think that maybe some of us really care? That we are all trying to help in many different ways? You think we really care that much about likes and shit?
Stop being so mad at the world. Stop being so cynical.
You are free to hate on these “profile pictures” but right now is not the time for that. If you don’t want to change your profile picture, fine, don’t. But don’t hate on people that do. We are not enemies in this.
I don’t think you don’t support Paris because you don’t. We all have our ways of showing support.
So right now, it’s a time to band together and love one another. Our world is dying. Our world is falling apart and if I can show some kind of compassion then I will change my profile picture.
I am not doing it for attention or for “likes”.
My heart is breaking for everyone. Praying is all I can give right now. Is that not enough? What do you want me to do? Give away all my money? Throw away my responsibilities? What? Would you do that same? Stop living your life? Then do it. I am in no position to do that right now and for that I am truly sorry. I am working my ass off so that maybe I can, in the future. I am a college student. I don’t have money. I don’t have the resources to give up everything. I barely have anything to give up. So stop shaming us. We are just trying our best.

If anything, we aren’t simply partial to the Paris attacks. I know about Kenya, Syria, Japan, and the rest. I want to just hug everyone. I want to have a huge ass group hug with the entire world. We can’t give up fighting though. We have to reach out and show our support. Whether it is financially, physically, emotionally, through social media, through words, through action, we have to show the world that we are all in this together. This isn’t the time to hate on each other. Please.

We are all trying.
Stop all this anger and hatred.
All we have is each other.
Why do we keep bringing other’s down?
Why are we so filled with this anger and hatred that we are willing to criticize people for simply trying to show support?
Why this is happening to us?